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When are Gift Baskets Appropriate?

When are Gift Baskets Appropriate?
By Anne Harvester
You might need to give a special gift to someone close to you, yet you are unsure what to give that shows that you care and truly met the recipient's desires and wishes. One easy answer for a great gift that is always appropriate is a gift basket. Gift baskets fill all sorts of gift-giving needs, whether the gift is to celebrate an event, the holidays, or a work relationship.
There are several events when a gift basket can provide an utterly suitable answer to a gift-giving dilemma. Perhaps someone has a new baby on the way or has recently given birth. You can have a baby gift basket made to order to include items the mother and child are sure to enjoy. Maybe your best friend is getting married. A wedding gift basket will delight both the bride and groom. If someone you know is celebrating a special anniversary, or is getting well from an illness, gift baskets make a great gift because each can be personalized to suit your friend or family members' specific tastes.
Holidays are a year-round gift-giving opportunity. Don't let this opportunity pass you by, because holiday gift baskets are enjoyed by young and old alike. Gift baskets can be arranged around a theme that the holiday provides. Winter holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa all provide the basis for a lovely gift basket themed to those particular holidays. Valentine's Day is a fantastic time to lavish your loved ones with a special chocolate-filled holiday basket that will certainly delight. Easter is a time when baskets are traditionally filled with the symbols of Easter--eggs, rabbits, and chicks, although today they take the form of chocolate, candy, or toys. Any of these items would be entirely appropriate for a lovely child's Easter gift basket.
Giving gifts at work has become a new trend, especially in the real estate and mortgage brokerage markets. You want to keep your clients happy, so when a deal closes it can pay to give them gift baskets. The basket might be themed to housewarming items, as would be suitable for someone moving into a new home. The great aspect of giving baskets is that in this instance they can all hold the same gifts, so you save a bit of time yet still are able to give a beautiful gift to your clients. Giving a gift can also add a personal touch to what could be considered a dry financial deal. In this way you can make a lasting connection with your client to show them in yet one more way that you care about their needs. Ultimately, that is what gift giving is all about.
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